Welcome to Genius Classes of Mathematics

Karnal, a fast growing city ready to be a part of NCR and a hub for 21st century students is a multidimensional place (metaphorically). A place where competition is seen in every nook and corner, while the young and aspiring minds looking forward to jolt their lives to reach the zenith of success.

In this city one can find myriad of coaching institutes, so much so that you’ll find a tuition class going on in every alternative street, so what makes this institute different or rather an attention seeker? In a fast growing approach where everybody wants, but no one wants to; Genius Classes of Mathematics is one way to reach what you are really looking for. Sounds dreamy, but is actually true.

Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Director, Genius Classes of Mathematics; has an ideology of being a student (metaphorically) and hence understanding a student (literally). Started teaching at a very early age (and he is still very young) he realized the very mindset of a present day student.

What he believes in, that became motto of this organization is, “Solving Impossible Possibilities”.

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